“Basil seeds” with precautions before taking to lose weight

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Basil seeds” with precautions before taking to lose weight

Basil seeds are herbs that are round and long, black. When soak in water, they can swell up to 45 times and are covered in mucus. There are many benefits to the body. Report from https://ufabet999.com

Benefits of basil seeds

  1. Helps drive bad cholesterol out of the body. Because contain fibers that help absorb fat. When the body is unable to digest these fibers Bad fats are therefore expelled along with the basil seed fibers. This will help reduce the risk of heart disease as well.
  2. It is a laxative that helps reduce constipation or problems with bowel movements. This is because the shell of is a mucilaginous substance after soaking in water. And there is also dense food waste. Helps clean the intestinal wall Stool does not stick to the intestines. Makes excretion more convenient.
  3. Basil seeds cannot cause accumulated fat to break down. But it can help control weight. Because do not produce energy, they swell for a long time, making your stomach feel full longer after eating. and eat less other foods
  4. Suitable for people with diabetes because the swelling causes the body to absorb food more slowly. That means the body will absorb less sugar.

How to eat basil seeds to get the benefits

Use 1-2 teaspoons of basil seeds per 1 large glass of water. Soak until the seeds are fully swollen. If you want to eat to lose weight Take before meals Recommended to eat in the evening. But if used as a laxative, take it before bed. It will make for good bowel movements in the morning.


  1. Soaking must soak until they swell fully. Because if you eat that have not yet fully swelled This will cause the to absorb water in the stomach. This causes digestive and gastrointestinal problems. may coagulate and form a blockage in the intestines. It can cause intestinal obstruction and constipation.
  2. You shouldn’t eat basil seeds with every meal. Because it will cause us to not get enough other nutrients. It is recommended to eat 1 meal per day.
  3. People who lose weight by eating  Must combin with exercise. and food control as well This is because do not help with metabolism.