Diogo Jota Happy is named to score a goal to help Liverpool.

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Diogo Jota congratulated Liverpool on scoring in their 3-2 win over Forest. “I think it’s very important to win. after winning the last match It was a tough game as we expected. We have to wait for that door to arrive. And they come back twice, which can happen. But we have to go back and look at it to learn.”

“Set-pieces are very important. And we know they score from that kind of ball as well. We need to improve defensively. But our offensive game is almost perfect.

When asked about scoring in two consecutive games he scored, Diogo Jota replied: “Really happy. The first goal had been a long time coming. But we know what to do. I’m just happy to help the team by being named to score goals.” UFABET

with a chance to finish in the top six Portugal striker said “We have to win and then let’s see where it takes us in the end.”

It is truly the ultimate game for Premier League football at Anfield on Sunday, April 30. When Liverpool opened their home to a poultry war against Spurs. won 4-3 in a heart-pounding way, with Diogo Jota taking on the role of a naughty super-sub. Scoring the winning goal to cover the equalizer of Richarlison, the substitute of the visiting team who was also able to catch the bill in stoppage time.