Donny van de Beek has problem with the agent refusing to move the team this winter.

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The Mirror, a popular British newspaper Citing sources who have given information that. Donny van de Beek will not leave Manchester United in January due to agent issues.

         The Netherlands midfielder’s situation has not improve. UFABET Despite changing the coach from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to Ralph Rangnick. But has not been give as many opportunities as he had hoped. By the last two games, it was just a substitute not being sent onto the field.

         Although there is a matter of moving the team back in the flow again. But the Spanish media cited sources as saying Van de Beek was unable to leave the club due to problems with his agent who switched from Guido Albers, who failed to move to Everton. Summer as Ali Dursun 

         “It’s very difficult to see that Donny van de Beek can move in this market, Dursun can’t deal with a deal because Donny has a contract with Albers’ agency.” Mirror

         “The two-year contract lasts until the end of the season, so unless there is a change. The players will stay at Manchester.”

   Biography .

Donny van de Beek Dutch footballer born April 18, 1997, height 184 cm or 6 feet, playing position is a midfielder. Currently plays for Manchester United FC. Wears the number 34 shirt.