Hamann sees Bayern need to strengthen defensive midfield.

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Dietmar Hamann sees Bayern Munich needing to reinforce their natural defensive midfield footballer. As both Joshua Kimmick and Leon Goretzka prefer attacking rather than focusing on defense.

Dietmar Hamann the 48 year-old sees Bayern Munich need to add a defensive midfielder this summer. As both Joshua Kimmick and Leon Goretzka have an inappropriate attacking mind. They will provide stability in front of the defensive line. According to ‘Sport1’ on Tuesday. 

Both Kimmick and Goretzka were central figures in the midfield for the Under-Julian Nagelsmann side. But Hamann sees both midfielders more offensively than defensive. So the Tigers should sign an additional defensive midfielder this summer. 

‘Kimmic is not a destroyer. He wants to set up an offensive game. But he must provide stability and balance. UFABET He didn’t accomplish this mission.’

Hamann wrote in the column. 

‘He’s not a player No. 6, Bayern are interested in Leipzig’s (Conrad) Leipzig for this role. I think he’s a very good player. He can fill this position well.’

‘Then you have to see if Kimmick is playing attacking as a number 8 like he does now or not. Because he has all the games in front of him. In the No.8 position it is not uncommon for you to carry the ball behind you to score goals.’

‘I wanted to know if and how he grew up in this role or not.’

‘He’s an outstanding footballer and smart. That’s why he can play multiple positions. But I don’t think he’s ready to sacrifice himself for the team at number six,’ Hamann revealed. ‘Number 6 and this is how I interpret it. It has to be played the same way when you are 3-0 up as when you are 0-3 behind. Others are responsible for creativity in the attacking game. Although the number 6 player can intervene from time to time. But his focus is on the organization.’

‘Kimmic and Goretzka can work when David Alaba and Jerome Boateng defend behind them. but with protection from fragile centers You must have a protector in front of them. And the best teams over the past 20 years have stood out. are often underestimated But mainly the defensive midfielder.’

‘On the other hand, FC Bayern became the Champions League winner in 2020 when Kimmick played at right-back in the Championship tournament in Lisbon.’