Henderson delighted that Liverpool responded so well that he won.

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson was delighted to see the team’s reaction. As Forest equalized twice before eventually coming back to win 3-2.

“Three points is the most important thing. We make it difficult for ourselves. We should have defended a long throw better. And conceding two goals in that way is something we will definitely work on.

“But overall I am pleased with the reaction to what happened. and still victorious.”

“We know what kind of game it is. And we had to be patient with the ball to wait for the right chance. We had a few chances from Jota at the far post and we couldn’t score. We just have to keep going and be patient and then look for more opportunities.”UFABET

Speaking about Reds captain Jota, he said: “He’s been recovering for a while now. and come back to find his rhythm again And he is in the right place. When he’s in position he’s sharp. Which we achieved in the last few games.

With the question of whether two victories in a row can return momentum or not? Henderson replied: “The good thing is we kept going, not one but two and we kept going. And to find victory is already positive. But of course we shouldn’t have been in that position in the first place with experience on the pitch, but as always there is room for improvement. And there are good things from today too.”