Jurgen Klopp has nothing to do with the top four at the moment.

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has been humbled that. His side have nothing to do with their top-four battle at the moment. Ready to be happy that the Reds picked up three points again after opening their home win to Forest 3-2.

“It was a tough game against a team that defended deep. The first half was extremely difficult, we didn’t create a lot. But did not let himself be attacked by many things which is important.”

“You always need to start the game in a positive way. And if you’re positive you can control it. But then found a long throw-in. And that’s really tricky. But all the goals are from set pieces. Which is strange. We deserved the three points which is the most important thing UFABET

When asked about Diogo Jota’s form, the German boss replied: 

“Each child is great. It helps build morale. and increase your confidence He also had easy misses as well, which was even easier than he could have done. But the second one is very special.”

In addition, Jurgen Klopp spoke about how Liverpool showed the heart of a fighter. “I like that we are still in the game. Even if there is chaos from long throws which you must try to avoid.”

“There are too many situations that we cannot resolve well. But other than that I am quite satisfied with a lot of things.

“We conceded two goals that were too easy. And in games like this you have to control possession of the ball. You don’t have to try too hard to lose. and sometimes we do it.”

Asked about his chances of finishing in the top four, Klopp replied: “Honestly, top four now we have nothing to do with it. We’ll have a closer look in the coming weeks. Other than that, it has no influence on us. We will focus on the next game and we have West Ham, which is very difficult and then we talk about it. Of course it will be difficult again. But I’m happy to collect the three points again.