Mendes flew urgently to Turin to clear up Ronaldo’s future

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Mendes flew urgently to Turin to clear up Ronaldo’s future. George Mendes arrived in Turin on Wednesday.They have to amid rumors that in order to clear up the future of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rumors of Ronaldo’s transfer are back in the headlines again. After reports that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are interested, especially the first side who want to get in. Before the transfer window arrives next week.

Almost all European media outlets are reporting that the players want to move. But there is no formal offer to come to Juventus in any way. Because the main problem is the €30 million per year wages are an important factor that teams dare not move.

However, on Wednesday Italian media said Mendes, as Ronaldo’s agent, had flown to Turin. Which the media reported that it was a trip to clear the future and problems of the Portuguese national team striker.

Reports from Gazzetta dello Sport , ufabet , Calciomercato and many others revealed that. Mendes arrived at the airport in Casella on Wednesday afternoon and traveled. Immediately at Ronaldo’s home.

It remains to be seen how Ronaldo’s future will end. So the player remaining in the final year of his contract with Juventus.