Paris Saint-Germain Reportedly showing interest in Richarlison

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Club Paris Saint-Germain Reportedly showing interest in Everton striker Richarlison to join the market this summer. By waiting to see the gesture from Merseyside, then try to make an official offer.

Reports from ‘ Arcemse Sport ‘ , the perfume city media, that although PSG teams are so many strikers. That they almost collide, but with the situation before the 2021 summer market closes. There may be only a handful to choose from.  

That’s because Keith Lin Yan M. Buck Giuseppe , who also rejected a new contract may be sold to Real Madrid or Mauro crow Jordi sore shoulder at least 3-4 weeks of rest the young Arnold’s. Kalimantan Timur unglued supportable only. 

The Lionel Messi , Neymar Jr. , Angel Di Maria , Pablo Saudi Arabia or the greasy Drucker’s bowlers heavily towards the edge.  

Therefore, the Brazilian national team striker degree aged 24 years old to join the army to make the squad of coach Mauricio Pau Shetland Tino Strong win for all, especially the Bush years .

However, such cases are very clear on when a brief case or backpack, bug off if Richard Saunders lift the rest of the field  A . The purchase – sale price of no less than 55 million euros.