Pep still angry with Kyle Walker being red.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has insist. He is still angry with Kyle Walker over the right-back being hit a red card. Was send off in the 2-1 win over Leipzig in the Champions League group stage on 7 December.

Walker was send off for an irritable kick at Leipzig striker Andre Silva. Leading to a three-match ban by the UEFA Disciplinary Committee.

City appealed to UEFA in which Guardiola has reveal he does not agree with the club’s appeal.

He feels Walker deserves a three-match ban. And insists that being sent off will allow the defender to learn from his mistakes.

Asked about his feelings about Walker’s ban’s appeal UFABET for not being pass. Pep reply: “He deserves it. Kyle Walker deserves a three-match ban.”

“When a player does something stupid. He deserves a three-match ban. I wasn’t kind to Kyle for that. I’m still mad at him.”

“It’s not necessary to talk to him. He already knows. Kyle is very important to us. Did you see the game he play against United?”

“But against Leipzig we qualified. It was 80 minutes ago and he did that for? He deserves to be ban for three games.”

“The club appeal but i don’t agree. They had to because other similar cases were only ban for 2 games. But he deserves to be ban. I hope he learns for the future.”